Emergency Shelter

The Augusta Rescue Mission provides a free Emergency Shelter for men over 18 years old who need a place to stay for the evening.  

CHECK -IN information:

  • For male clients only.
  • The Overnight Emergency Shelter is for 15 consecutive nights ONCE a year.  Extensions for more than 15 nights should not be expected.  
  • An recent and updated shelter clearance from the Richmond County Sheriff's office is required to check in.
  • Check-In is from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm each day of the week.
  • Check-Out is at 7 am daily.
  • Dinner is served at 5 pm nightly, and you must check in by that time in order to have a meal.
  • Alcohol, illegal drugs, and weapons are not permitted on campus.
  • Each client will be administered a breathalyzer test and a metal detector on their person and belongings. 
  • Check-In paperwork and agreements must be filled out and signed prior to the stay.
  • As we would like to help ever person that comes our way, we are unable to assist and provide shelter to certain clients with various handicaps, especially those that prohibit the client from getting around on their own and from participating in the Shelter activities or that may have contagious infections or sicknesses, such as staff infection or the flu.

Rules, Requirements, and Expectations

  • All clients must read and sign a policy and procedure agreement in order to stay in our facility.
  • Clients will benefit daily from a hot dinner and breakfast, showers, clothing as needed, hygiene items, access to laundry, clean facilities, and a safe envirionment.  
  • Evening Chapel is at 7 pm nightly and is required for all clients.
  • Anyone sleeping in chapel, causing disruptions, or acting in a disrespectful, distracting, or violent way while on campus may be asked to leave the Mission.
  • Clients must check in during Check-in hours and will only be permitted to leave during Check-out times.

Residential Program

The Augusta Rescue Mission's Life Transformation Program is a residential program primarily focusing on total life recovery and sustainability for homeless men looking for Christian discipleship, stability, and the opportunity to rebuild their lives in Christ.  Clients will submit a formal application and are interviewed before entering the multi-phased, long-term program. 

Benefits to the program include:

  • 3 phases of program 
  • rigorous discipleship coursework
  • chapel services
  • a variety of work-details
  • 3 hot meals a day
  • clean and safe living environment
  • acquiring resume-building, budgeting skills, and life skills
  • Celebrate Recovery support group meetings
  • One-on-one counsel and coaching
  • obtaining full-time employment
  • Certificates of completion
  • transitioning to responsible residence in the local community

The Program is eligible to individuals:

  • who are homeless men over the age of 18 years old
  • who will find "full-time honest paying" work after 6 months of Phase 1 
  • looking to live in a Christian environment and go through Christian discipleship
  • individuals who desire to get away for a set period of time to work on rebuilding their lives
  • clients who are mentally and physically able to participate in daily Christian discipleship courses and indoor and outdoor manual labor/work details
    • who can read and write in order to do homework, coursework, and reading/writing assignments
    • clients who are able to submit to a work program that includes indoor and outdoor work details
  • without income, pensions, incoming checks, or recurring financial disbursements
  • without illnesses and disabilities that prevent them from finding "full-time honest-paying" work
  • who are NOT heavily medicated as to where they cannot normally function
  • clients who are NOT registered sex offenders or convicted of such crimes
  • clients who are NOT currently wanted by authorities
  • those willing to comply with the Augusta Rescue Mission's Program Policy and Procedure Agreements

If interested in the Residential Program, please email the Augusta Rescue Mission at info@augustarescuemission.org to set up an appointment, or come by the mission during office hours to inquire further.