Frequently Asked Questions


I am homeless, how do I go about getting into the shelter/program?

We invite homeless men who have not stayed at our Emergency Shelter within the past 12 months to check in at our front office between 3:30 PM and 6:30 PM daily.  In order to be eligible for our residential program, you must stay for up to 15 consecutive days in our Emergency Shelter.  During your stay in our shelter, you can read our policy manual and fill out an application for our Residential Program.  After the application is complete, you will have interviews with staff members, where it will be determined if we are a good fit to meet your needs, and if all criteria is met to enter the program.

Are there special requirements for getting into the program?

Yes.  We only accept adult men into our program who are able to do physical work and participate in rigorous classes involving biblical coursework.  The applicant must also be able to find honest paying, gainful employment during the second phase of the program.  We will need a shelter clearance from the local jail before you can stay in our Overnight Shelter which can be picked up at 401 Walton Way.  You must also fill out an application and go through some interviews.  All other information regarding special requirements can be found in our Program Policy Manual at the front desk.

Are you an addiction rehab or recovery program?

Not necessarily.  We are not a Step program, nor do we qualify as a Court ordered Recovery or Rehab program.  We are a Christ-centered work program for the homeless in which our men do daily work details, attend chapel services, go to daily bible training classes, and eventually are able to find honest paying work.  We do have a chaplain on staff who provides biblical/pastoral counsel and there are some small group or recovery elements, but life transformation and transition back into society is our main focus.

How long is your program?

There are several Phases to our program.  First, you must come to our Emergency Shelter and be prepared to stay for up to 15 consecutive days.  If accepted into our Residential Program, then you are committing to staying in Phase I for up to 6 months, and Phase II is for 3 to 6 months, thus making the program 9 months to one year on average.  We also have a 3rd Phase to those who have found honest paying work, are a part of a bible teaching and life giving church, and are able to report back as living the principals taught in Phases I and II.

Do you help women or children at your shelter?

No.  At this point, we are strictly a mens shelter/program.  We will offer some support such as food and clothing to the general public in the very near future, but our shelter and  program are for homeless men.

How do I volunteer at the mission?

We always appreciate individuals and groups serving the men at A.R.M.  You can contact the front office at (706) 722-2058 during normal business hours (M-F 10 am to 6:30 pm), and ask for J.D, Operations Manager.  He can help you find where you fit when it comes to serving at the Mission.

Who do I speak with about chapel services or special ministry events?

You can email the chaplain, Mike Barr.  Although A.R.M. has an existing and ongoing rotation of chapel speakers on a monthly basis, the mission is always interested in those who may be willing to partner with us through prayer and sometimes through chapel engagements or special ministry events based on how it fits our program.  These opportunities will be available if openings arise, but we would at least like to know who you are.  We ask that you fill out and submit a Chapel Speaker Form, and after it is reviewed, the chaplain will contact you or your ministry.

Can a staff member come speak at our church or ministry event to tell us more about the Augusta Rescue Mission?

Absolutely.  We always welcome the opportunity to share what God is doing at A.R.M and how your church or ministry can be a part.  Please contact us by email with details of your event, and if we are able, we would be glad to be a part.

How can my ministry or business become a partner with the Augusta Rescue Mission?

We are always in need of wonderful partners who will help to meet some of our daily needs but also offer prayer, encouragement, and support.  Please email our executive director, Chris Jones.